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Real Hardie homes spark real inspiration. Share your Hardie home on social media with #MyHardieHome and tag James Hardie, and we may post it to our site and social media where other homeowners can discover new ideas.

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Homeowner Success Stories

What is a Real Hardie Home? One that’s beautiful, comfortable, and built to last. A house that feels like part of the family. We love our customers’ stories. Enjoy these glimpses of real people living in Real Hardie Homes. 
Aloha From The Mainland

When Matt and Ann moved to the East Coast, they were eager to put down roots.

But they weren’t willing to leave behind their laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle.

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That's Just<br />The Way It Is

Eddie and Debbie don't follow Bruce Hornsby on tour much anymore like they used to, but with a thriving, family-oriented guitar shop in town and a beautiful, harmonious home, they appreciate that some things never change.

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Home<br/>Sweet Home

James Hardie takes pride in helping homeowners create better places to live because, essentially, a home is a reflection of its owner.

An engineer by trade, Donna loves what she sees—a blend of traditional and modern charm that's entirely by design.

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