10 Fundamentals for siding installation efficiency

10 fundamentals for siding installation efficiency to incorporate into your plan.

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Kara Wenman

Developing a solid installation plan not only enables your teams with the proper knowledge and resources to get the job done, but it also provides an opportunity to develop efficiencies for a more organized process.  

Here are 10 fundamentals for siding installation efficiency to incorporate into your plan:

1. Do it right the first time
Measure twice, cut once.

2. Plan, plan, plan
Get the hard tasks done at the beginning of the day.

3. Limit unnecessary movement of material each day
One move from pallet to cut station and one from cut station to the wall is all you need.

4. Set daily goals and track results
Share trends and protection results with your crews (e.g. square footage, home completion rates) in order to pinpoint where efficiencies can be made.

5. Communicate clearly
Establish good practices for all jobsite decisions and recurring tasks upfront.

6. Be in ready position before you begin
Follow clear processes to ensure correct materials, equipment, and personnel are all on site with clear roles.

7. Train your team
Ensure team members know what they’re responsible for and how to do it correctly.

8. Commit to organization
A clean, organized work environment enables efficiency.

9. Don’t distract from critical path workflow
Pre-make or use downtime to finish non-critical path items (ie. blocks, flashing, etc).

10. There’s always room for improvement
Implement a post-project review process to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Kara Wenman

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