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Siding that stands up to the elements

Hardie® fiber cement products resist damage from fire, water, weather, pests, and time—helping protect your most precious asset for the long haul.

See how Hardie® products help protect your home

  • Will not burn
  • Withstands moisture
  • Defends against pests
  • Takes the heat
  • Withstands extreme weather
  • Engineered for Climate®

Help shield your home from unexpected damage

Fire resistance

Hardie® fiber cement siding will not
 ignite when exposed to a direct flame
 —nor contribute fuel to a fire.* In
 contrast, fire feasts on wood and melts
 vinyl almost instantly.

Moisture resistance

Hardie® products are engineered to resist water and humidity—and will stand up to rain, sleet, and snow better than wood-based siding, which will swell and expand more when exposed to moisture.

Weather resistance

Hardie® products are made to withstand worst-case weather: hurricanes, rain storms, strong winds, extreme heat, UV rays, humidity, snow, hail, freezing temperatures, and more.

Pest defense

Hardie® siding holds no appeal for pests and won’t be eaten by termites, while engineered wood and natural wood siding are vulnerable to woodpeckers and other pests.


Color that looks better—and lasts longer—than paint

With our proprietary ColorPlus® Technology finishes, you get more than gorgeous color—you get years of lasting character and fade resistance. Our factory-applied, baked-on color is cured between coats, creating a strong bond that resists peeling, chipping, and cracking for years to come. 

Mother nature meets her match

Only Hardie® products are Engineered for Climate® to ensure you get unmatched protection and performance—no matter where you live. Built to defy even the most extreme weather in your specific area, Hardie® siding stands up to blistering sun, hurricane-force winds, brutal humidity, extreme cold, sheets of snow, and more.
  • Trusted by homeowners, pros, and even firefighters

  • Trusted by homeowners, pros, and even firefighters

  • Trusted by homeowners, pros, and even firefighters

  • Trusted by homeowners, pros, and even firefighters


Why choose James Hardie?

As the trusted industry leader, James Hardie provides distinct style, high performance, next-level innovation, and a lifetime of value.

Put our products to the test

Explore our catalog to discover why homeowners and pros alike choose Hardie® products.

*Hardie® siding complies with ASTM E136 as a noncombustible cladding and with ASTM E84 for surface burning characteristics of building materials.