Best siding for cold winter climates

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Andy Rowan

Although the natural beauty of a winter wonderland is a sight to behold, harsh winters can be a real problem in the Northeast, Midwest, and other regions.

For homeowners in these cold climates, snowstorms and freezing weather can cause damage to the exterior of the home if it’s not protected by durable siding materials like Hardie® fiber cement products. 

How does climate change intensify blizzards?

Severe snowstorms like “Snowmageddon” in 2010 and “Snowzilla” in 2016 broke records and caused deadly conditions in the mid-Atlantic region. In January 2019, Arctic weather hit the U.S. Midwest in the form of a polar vortex. While winter storms are increasingly common in the Northeast and Midwest, extreme weather has been seen in the West and South as well.

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How can Hardie® products help protect against snowy extremes?

Hardie® products are Engineered for Climate® and ready to help defend your house from wet, freezing conditions.
Snow drifts expose siding to ice, moisture, and even weight pushing on the wall. Extreme wind during winter storms can cause the siding to become very cold which affects different types of siding in different ways. Vinyl gets more brittle as its temperature drops, so it may be more susceptible to incidental impact such as snow blowers throwing pieces of ice. The temperature changes from summer to winter can also cause movement in vinyl siding which may lead to cracking. Hardie® products offer superior durability and retain shape under intense snow drifts!
Many exterior home products are not built specifically for climate extremes, which may impact their performance and ability to standup to winter weather. James Hardie had this in mind when creating the Hardie™ Zone System. The Hardie™ Zone System is designed specifically for your climate zone for optimal performance. The technology is based on research and development from 8 variables that affect long-term performance in 10 distinct climate zones. Hardie® products are engineered for two distinct Hardie™ Zones. HZ5® products resist shrinking, swelling and cracking even after years of wet and freezing conditions. HZ10® products help protect homes from hot, humid conditions, blistering sun and more.

James Hardie Zone System
Hardie Zone Chart

Find your Hardie™ Zone and learn more about how the Hardie™ Zone System helps better protect your home based on your climate region.

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How to keep your cool through arctic weather

Having the confidence your home is prepared for wet, freezing winter weather can free you up to actually enjoy the frosty season. From sipping hot cocoa next to a fireplace when it’s snowing outside or building a snowman, there are bright sides to enjoy this season. 
Let your siding be an extension of this sentiment. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have an extremely durable material on your home exterior to help keep you warm from the cold and protected from the dangers of the snowiest days.

Snow covered house with blue James Hardie Siding

It may just be fitting that the most popular siding color from the Statement Collection™ is Arctic White. Enjoy the looks of the season with the confidence of winter-ready Hardie® products.

Feel confident going into winter knowing that your home has a Hardie hug.

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Andy Rowan

Andy Rowan is an American interior designer, television personality, and author.