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In the realm of design, Colonial style architecture presents an inviting canvas where the rich tapestry of history fuses seamlessly with contemporary flair. With James Hardie, you can craft a home that pays homage to its historical roots while celebrating your distinct style and vision.

Exploring Colonial home hallmarks

These key hallmarks prove classic elegance and modern living can harmoniously coexist.

Symmetrical facade

Colonials are known for their symmetrical design, featuring evenly spaced windows, balanced chimneys, and a centered front door for a classic, timeless look.

Grand entryway

With its prominent entry door and decorative elements such as pediments and sidelights, the Colonial home boasts an impressive and welcoming entrance.

Traditional trim

Colonial homes often showcase intricate trim details, including crown moulding, dentil molding, and decorative window casings, adding elegance to the exterior.

Colonial, three ways

Find out how to capture the character of a Colonial home in a variety of ways below.




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Bringing heritage home

Classic Colonial style is an architectural treasure trove rooted in the early American Colonial period. It's a style that pays homage to the past while effortlessly integrating into the present, offering an elegant canvas to create a home that stands the test of time.

Siding Material

Enhance your Colonial home's aesthetic with classic horizontal lap siding, for a timeless and charming transformation.

Color palette

Immerse yourself in the allure of tradition by embracing a classic color palette. Infuse elegance into your space with whites, creams, soft grays, or muted blues.

Symmetrical layout

Maintain the refined, balanced Colonial look with a symmetrical siding layout, where evenly spaced windows and doors breathe timeless charm into your home.

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