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Step into the enchanting world of Tudor architecture, where medieval charm intertwines with modern luxury. With Hardie® siding, you can reimagine your home as a haven of timeless elegance, embodying the essence of Tudor style while embracing the convenience of contemporary living.

Exploring Tudor home hallmarks

These key hallmarks prove classic elegance and modern living can harmoniously coexist.


Tudor homes are characterized by their distinctive half-timbered exteriors, with exposed wooden framing filled with stucco or brick, creating a picturesque and Old-World charm.

Steeply pitched roof

Tudor homes often feature steeply pitched roofs with multiple gables and dormers, adding to their fairy-tale-like appearance and providing architectural interest.

Leaded glass windows

A hallmark of Tudor architecture, leaded glass windows feature intricate patterns of small panes held together by lead caming, adding character and warmth to the home's facade.

Tudor, three ways

Find out how to capture the character of a Tudor home in a variety of ways below.




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Resplendent revival

Step into the timeless charm of Tudor architecture, where classic elegance meets modern durability. Rediscover the enduring allure of this style and its timeless appeal.

Siding material

Achieve a classic Tudor home that exudes traditional elegance and enduring charm by using vertical panels that pay homage to the style.

Color palette

Choose from soft browns, greens, or grays to enhance the Tudor style’s allure, creating a harmonious blend with the architectural features of your home.

Wide trim

Capture the essence of classic Tudor architecture by opting for a wide trim profile, reminiscent of exposed timber framing, to add authenticity and character.

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