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Exterior House Color Combinations For Your Home

Exterior House Color Combinations For Your Home

Finding the perfect exterior house color combination allows you the opportunity to experiment with siding, trim, and front door colors, as well as weaving in a subtle shade for your roof. The possibilities for exterior home colors may seem endless, but we’re here to help. These tips and basic design principles can help you build a color scheme that you’ll love for years to come.

Finding the Best Siding Color for Your Home

Your home’s siding will act as the foundation of your exterior home color scheme.

Choosing a single color is the easiest option, but don’t feel limited. There are plenty of siding color combinations available. If you’re considering using two main body colors, it’s best to use a darker color on the bottom half of your home. This will anchor your home to the ground and help your home look more natural (most natural environments fade from dark to light).

Looking for inspiration as you start your project? Explore siding colors that go well with your specific house style. Here are 18 popular siding colors for 6 of America’s favorite home styles.

Once you have a range of siding colors in mind, you can start to match it to other components.

Matching Siding with Trim

The use of color as a design tool is very important when it comes to curb appeal. Trim should complement your siding color and elevate the entire look of your home. Explore these siding and trim color combinations to find inspiration from tried-and-true palettes.

Accenting with Shutters

Adding accents to your home’s exterior can provide much-needed visual upgrades. Shutters build on your home’s overall color palette, so they should be one of the last decisions you make. Choosing neutral colors will help your shutters seamlessly blend into your scheme. Or, you can use them as a true accent piece with bold selections. These house and shutter color combinations will help you visualize the possibilities.

Choosing a Front Door Color

Refreshing or replacing your front door is an inexpensive update relative to other home improvement projects. But with nearly limitless paint color options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our guide on how to pick a front door color is a great place to start.