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We have an internal mantra for our innovation approach: transforming how the world builds. In the last year, we doubled down on that mantra by changing how we collaborate at a global scale while designing new processes that give greater autonomy and accountability to our teams. We are already seeing the powerful effects of sharing ideas, know-how and expertise across our three innovation centers in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.
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Because the cement we use in our products accounts for a large portion (approximately 33%) of our GHG emissions, we are committed to developing and enacting solutions to reduce the CO2 impact of cement. Our roadmap, which was informed by data and science, charts our course to reduce the CO2 impact of our fiber cement products by at least 50% by 2030 in a stepped approach, which began in FY23.

The first phase of our roadmap includes a rigorous program of development and testing to ensure we continue to meet or exceed the durability and resilience customers expect from our products. After extensive research, development, lab testing and manufacturing validation, and in collaboration with our vendors, we began testing a lower carbon cement. In FY24, we began running production trials to ensure the reformulated product meets performance targets, code requirements, customer expectations and third-party certifications.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain leadership in the fiber cement industry and lead the future in a low carbon economy. We are exploring both commercially available and alternative binder solutions as well as emerging technologies. We are committed to updating our roadmap as more data, insights and innovative technologies become available.

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Transforming the under-floor heating market in Europe with Therm25™

By combining a load distribution layer and underfloor heating in one system, our new fermacell underfloor heating system® Therm25™ provides a quick, dry solution for the installation of underfloor heating. It replaces the traditional wet screed process with an easy-to-install fiber gypsum product that is low weight and has slim installation heights. The dry installation ensures that it can be walked on and ready for finished materials after just 24 hours - versus 28 days (on average) for wet screed. Originally launch in Germany, fermacell® Therm25™ is now available throughout Europe.
Every stakeholder in the value chain benefits from the use of Therm25™. Dry paving saves time and therefore achieves higher operational added value, making Therm25™ more affordable for customers and contractors than wet screed products. And since drying times do not have to be taken into account, other contractors can continue working immediately. Moisture penetration, which can cause mold or cracks, is eliminated by the use of Therm25™, creating an additional benefit to homeowners.