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Sustainability is built
into our dna

At James Hardie, our business is about building better communities that have a lower impact on our environment and are built to last. We operate with a global mindset and at the same time take great care in how our business impacts households, our James Hardie community, and the local communities in which we live and operate. We have formalized our commitment to sustainability with a strategy prioritizing the four pillars of Communities, Environment, Innovation and Zero Harm. Building sustainable communities is at the forefront of our strategy and integral to our success.
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Sustainable Communities

james hardie cfo

A message from our cfo

A message from our cfo

james hardie cfo

“James Hardie is a company that’s not content to remain static. Instead, it’s an organization that’s constantly looking for ways to improve”

Jason Miele, Chief Financial Officer

James Hardie Our Pillars


reduction of Greenhouse gas intensity
reduction in Manufacturing waste intensity
cubic feet of additional water recycled

Sustainability Stories

covid-19 response

Responding to covid-19

James Hardie’s response to COVID-19 was swift and enabled us to not only survive, but to thrive, in unprecedented circumstances. The collective efforts of our employees, families, our suppliers, customers, and the Hardie Manufacturing Operating System (HMOS) enabled us to minimize the impacts of the pandemic. We were able to put our people and their families first, and ensured they received appropriate protective equipment and products, both at work, and for their homes. We also provided physical and mental healthcare support, and exceeded regulatory requirements in terms of illness-related leave. We provided daily lunches, which we purchased from local businesses, to minimize risk of our people contracting the virus, and to also support our local communities. The success of our approach and our safety protocols allowed us to remain operational with low COVID-19 transmissions and fast construction site recoveries.