by Bridget Kulla


Holiday Decorating Ideas To Make Your Porch Pop

by Bridget Kulla

There’s nothing like the perennial style of a perennial plant. Be it pine, spruce or holly—the woodsy smell of fresh foliage is the perfect way to welcome in the holiday season, and it’s robust enough to look picture perfect through New Year’s. 

We’ve gathered a few ways to say hello to the season by simply pumping up your porch’s plant life.

Go with garland

Drape pine garland over your entryway for instant holiday spirit. The swag of garland frames your home’s door and provides a waft of fresh pine when you come home or leave. To help keep your James Hardie® siding and trim pristine, use removable-yet-strong sticky hooks.

Add a welcoming wreath

When winter hits, every door needs a wreath. You can make your own by combining a variety of seasonal greens, such as boxwood and pine sprigs. Spruce up a simple wreath by adding holly berries, pinecones, hints of metallic, and small ornaments to contrast with the lush greenery, says Janelle Kando, Associate Designer for Elizabeth Krueger Design in Chicago. While making a wreath for every door, don’t forget the out buildings, there’s nothing cuter than a garage with a wreath.

Think tiny trees

A small conifer in a bright pot is the perfect way to bring cheer to your porch. You can leave it bare or decorate it with lights, ornaments and bright ribbons. When the new year hits, small conifers can be replanted in pots or in the ground, especially if you live in a region where winters are mild. When designing your porch, don’t feel the need to be completely symmetrical, Kando says. Sometimes an off balance look can add interest.


Use all the trimmings

When it comes to decorating with greenery, every piece can find a place on your porch. A stack of firewood adds an instant cozy, rustic vibe. Pine sprigs can overflow out of an old winter boot or vintage seed bag, birch logs can add dimension standing in a corner, or a propped antique sled can be draped with fresh garland. Set the stage for your winter vision on your very own porch.

Winter up your window boxes

Fill your window boxes with winter-friendly greenery—think fragrant rosemary, dwarf pines, or juniper. Besides looking festive from the outdoors, it’s also fun to peek out the window inside your home to see your own mini forest outside. Through all the snow white of the season, you’ll see evergreen.