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by Michael Buck

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Popular Siding Colors for 6 of America’s Favorite Home Styles

by Michael Buck

Trends come and go, but some home styles are popular enough to last for decades, or even longer. Over the years, homeowners have leaned toward certain colors and tones for these classic designs. Here’s a look at six of America’s favorite home styles and three popular siding colors to match each one. 

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Popular Craftsman House Colors

The craftsman home style originated in the late 1800s, when the Industrial Revolution’s mass standardization made people crave handcrafted design and natural materials. In recent years, the craftsman style has had a major resurgence. In fact, a 2018 poll from Trulia ranked this home style as the most popular among Americans.

Popular craftsman house colors typically draw inspiration from nature. Among the most preferred siding colors are beiges, greens and browns. There is usually a strong contrasting trim color to highlight the style’s unique rooflines.

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Popular Farmhouse Exterior Colors

The farmhouse is a popular American style thanks in part to our country’s agricultural roots. It was originally designed by colonial families with functionality and durability in mind. The style has progressed over the years and has now taken on a flexible and comforting characteristic as well. Its clean lines and unadorned aesthetic makes it a favorite among homeowners who enjoy simple living.

Popular farmhouse exterior colors are reminiscent of the open prairie—cloud-like white, barn reds, and sky blues. These are go-to shades if you’re looking for farmhouse siding ideas.

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Popular Colonial House Colors

When Europeans sailed to the American colonies in the 1700s they brought this boxy, symmetrical, and subtly formal home style with them. The popularity of colonial homes came roaring back in the 1970s when the country celebrated its bicentennial and Americans developed a taste for the home style of their founding fathers. 

Owners of colonial and neo-colonial homes gravitate toward subtle, more traditional shades. Royal blues, parchment-colored beiges, and reds are popular colonial house colors.

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Popular Cape Cod House Colors

The Cape Cod home style also has its roots in colonial America. This style was most prevalent in Massachusetts and other settlements in the Northeast. Since then it has grown in popularity and has spread to other areas of the country as well. The presence of shutters, shingles, and dormers (windows with their own pitched roofs) are typical characteristics that you’d find in a Cape Cod-style home.

Look to the sea if you need Cape Cod siding ideas. Whites, sandy beiges and ocean blues are some of the most popular Cape Cod house colors.

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Popular Victorian House Colors

The Victorian era stems from the reign of the English monarch Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. The period is characterized by opulence and excess, especially in design. Homes in the Victorian style are large and imposing (with two stories or more). They typically have towers, turrets, pointed roofs, and intricate wooden detailing called “gingerbreading.” 

Today, there are two general trends when it comes to popular Victorian house colors. Some owners play down their home’s elaborate details by selecting tan, white, or other neutral siding hues. Others go the opposite direction with bold primary colors (like green) and equally bold accent colors.

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Popular Beach House Colors

Beach homes—particularly on the Southeast coast—are made for relaxing. It’s a residential style designed to be bright, airy, fun, and low maintenance. 

It’s no surprise that beach house colors are much more adventurous and playful than inland home colors. Draw inspiration for beach house siding ideas from a rainbow of bright colors, especially greens, yellows and blues.

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