Inspired Moments

by Michael Buck

Inspired Moments

Building Sustainable Communities

by Michael Buck

A family hosts a community movie night outdoors while projecting onto Hardie Plank siding.

At James Hardie, we operate with a global mindset and take great care in how our business impacts households, our James Hardie community, and the local communities in which we live and operate.

For the first time, we outline our actions to build sustainable communities and lay out our forward-looking efforts in our full sustainability report. This report covers our global sustainability performance progress and highlights future priorities.

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We are committed to improving our sustainability performance, and proactively and carefully managing our social and environmental impact. We do this by focusing on four key pillars:

With a global mindset, we carefully manage our business impact by employing, sourcing, delivering and giving locally.

We seek to minimize our impact on the environment, and we prioritize the management of water, waste, energy and emissions.

We are committed to transforming new technologies into high-quality and sustainable products, solutions, and green building practices.

Zero Harm
With our Zero Harm culture, we seek to ensure the safety of our products, employees, partners, customers and communities.

View the complete report to explore our sustainability and green business efforts in detail, and discover our vision for the future of building better communities.