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How the Contractor Alliance® Program can help grow your contractor business

Every siding project offers the opportunity to establish your reputation as an esteemed siding contractor. While that starts with employing a talented team that performs quality work to achieve beautiful results, it doesn’t end there.

Lindsay Frankel

Growing your business requires distinctive service and strategic action throughout the process, from pricing projects to collecting referrals. That may feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. James Hardie provides training and guidance resources so you can successfully price, sell and market your services and install Hardie® products.

We make it easy to offer the durable, versatile siding and trim products that homeowners seek with the knowledge and service that will set your company apart.

Cobblestone Remodeling joins the Contractor Alliance® Program to help grow their siding business

Ryan Waltz, Director of Exterior Sales and Operations at Cobblestone Remodeling in the Chicago area, has seen firsthand how the Contractor Alliance Program can help accelerate business growth in just a few short months. “The Contractor Alliance Program has helped lead flow tremendously,” says Waltz. “I feel we're off to the races, quite frankly.”

Reputational Support for More Warm Leads

Cobblestone Remodeling has been in business for 37 years and has been working with Hardie siding for about 30 years. The company just recently joined the Contractor Alliance Program in the spring of 2023 after Waltz was hired.

Since then, Cobblestone Remodeling has received 31 new leads. Cobblestone Remodeling aspires to reach the next level this coming year. Waltz says the company’s Regional Account Manager at James Hardie is helping motivate the entire team to achieve this ambitious goal. He hopes to gain “Preferred“ status in the James Hardie Contractor Locator, which can deliver a steady supply of warm leads to participating contractors.

“Anything that positions us as a Chicagoland James Hardie leader is of interest to us as we work to expand,” says Waltz. “I have regular lunches and meetings with our James Hardie Regional Account Manager to help keep us on pace towards our goals.”

Tools and Training to Boost Your Sales Efforts

It’s a win-win for Cobblestone Remodeling and its customers when homeowners choose Hardie siding, according to Waltz. “We offer a five-year labor warranty on top of James Hardie’s warranty. So, in that regard, it just behooves us to use something a little bit more premium, so we’re not going on a bunch of service calls, which can quickly put a business like us out of business,” he says.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of Hardie siding, Waltz also recognizes that it’s the best product to stand up to Chicago’s harsh weather conditions. According to Waltz, Hardie siding “provides the biggest barrier against hail, against frost, and against contraction and expansion,” explains Waltz. “I just think that if you're not offering that to your customers, you’re selling them short.”

But while most contractors have the professional expertise to know that Hardie siding is a good value, homeowners may need guidance to select the product. That’s why James Hardie offers a suite of in-home selling resources you can use to communicate the benefits of Hardie siding while showcasing the qualities that make your business stand out.

And if that’s not enough, James Hardie will also train your team to deliver sales presentations and even provide in-person support during your first few customer meetings. You can get guidance to help you set accurate pricing for your business and market. You can also get access to samples and other sales collateral, so customers can see and feel the product you’re recommending.

Since joining the Contractor Alliance Program, Waltz says he’s had the pleasure of working with a James Hardie Technical Sales Manager, who has been incredibly valuable to the team at Cobblestone Remodeling. “He assists with consulting, subcontractor introduction, project evaluation and estimation, and just being a really solid sounding board when we have encountered challenges,” says Waltz.

The Technical Support to Get Projects Done Right

To ensure contractors deliver the best possible results when installing Hardie siding, James Hardie technical specialists provide one-on-one, on-site support. Our “First Board, First Nail” program is perfect for installers who need to learn the fundamentals, while the SIDEmaster® Training program is geared towards solving common problems and improving efficiencies.

Waltz says the installation training and support his team received from James Hardie was incredibly thorough. He also appreciates the opportunities for self-guided learning. “James Hardie has an extensive training program that's online that allows not only contractors, but installers, to review certain things and technical aspects at their own leisure,” he says.

The Marketing Resources to Grow Your Business

Aligning your company with the #1 siding brand in America* is a great way to begin distinguishing your contractor business, but you’ll likely need to use other marketing strategies to get the word out as well.

That’s why James Hardie offers Contractor Alliance Program members a wide variety of marketing tools, including online marketing courses, software solutions, and marketing displays you can use at home shows.

Members at the Rewards Plus level and higher also get access to Marketing Zone, which offers customizable job-site marketing materials you can use to increase awareness of your company and generate high-quality leads. Your James Hardie Regional Account Manager can also help you highlight the right features of your business to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Achieve Next-Level Results with Support from James Hardie

Don’t be surprised if you start grabbing coffee regularly with your James Hardie account manager after joining the Contractor Alliance Program. “I have a very close relationship.” says Waltz about his James Hardie representative, “ We’re typically collaborating once a week. I think there is a high level of rapport and a genuine friendship.”

When you’re ready to grow your contractor business, we’ll have your back every step of the way, like a true friend would. Learn more about the benefits of the Contractor Alliance Program by getting in touch with a James Hardie sales representative today.

* Estimate based on annual siding sales data

Lindsay Frankel

Lindsay Frankel is a writer specializing in real estate, personal finance, e-commerce, and performance marketing.