Grow your siding contractor business with James Hardie's in-home selling solutions

You know that Hardie® siding brings low-maintenance and long-lasting beauty to a home. But what information do your customers need to know to feel confident in choosing Hardie® siding and your company for the project?

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Lindsay Frankel

The home remodeling market is expected to continue growing in the coming year, creating an opportunity for contractor businesses to grow as well. As you meet with homeowners excitedly planning their exterior renovation projects, you may need to help educate them on their siding options.

Most people are visual learners. Additionally, when it comes to a significant home project like siding, James Hardie’s consumer research found homeowners need to touch and feel samples before the product goes up on their homes. That’s why James Hardie created an array of resources to help contractors communicate why Hardie® siding is the optimal choice for both durability and design. With James Hardie’s in-home selling solutions, you can come prepared to showcase your professional expertise and product knowledge.

Communicating the Value of Hardie® Siding

While your customers may be familiar with Hardie® siding, they may not be aware of all the performance benefits and design options available to them. Further, homeowners need to understand the full value of Hardie® siding, especially if they are also considering vinyl as a solution for their home.

That’s why James Hardie developed an in-home sales presentation that allows contractors to concisely and effectively sell Hardie® siding to their customers. You can access the presentation by reaching out to your local James Hardie representative. The presentation is the result of in-depth consumer research and provides need-to-know details about:

  • Design choices and finishes to inspire homeowners
  • The striking brilliance and durability of ColorPlus® Technology finishes
  • How Hardie® fiber cement siding compares to other products
  • The low-maintenance experience that Hardie® siding provides
  • How James Hardie’s product offerings are engineered to withstand climate threats
  • The financial benefits of choosing Hardie® siding, including potentially lower insurance costs
  • James Hardie’s exceptional warranties

The presentation is designed to be delivered in under 30 minutes and provides contractors with plenty of opportunities to tailor their communications to the individual homeowner’s needs.

For example, you can easily reference the regional product catalog during the presentation to show homeowners the specific product and color choices available to them. Along with this tool, contractors will have access to a companion training guide with a script designed to optimize delivery of the presentation.

The best part? The In-Home Sales Presentation is just one of the tools available in the In-Home Sales Kit, which includes a variety of presentations, pamphlets, samples, and other selling tools. With these resources, homeowners can see and touch the product, learn about its benefits, and make an informed choice.

With insight-driven selling tools at your disposal, you can effectively connect with your customers and gain their trust in your business, ultimately resulting in more jobs closed, more satisfied customers and more referrals. Get in touch with your local James Hardie representative to gain access to the In-Home Sales Presentation and In-Home Sales Kit today.

How to Grow Your Contractor Business with Resources from James Hardie

James Hardie provides numerous business resources for contractors beyond its In-Home Sales Kit. We have a few tips for using these tools to effectively grow your contractor business.

Take advantage of training and support: Contractors can get access to sales training and technical support through their local James Hardie representative. With the right training, your sales techniques will be as flawless as your workmanship, and you’ll convert more leads into customers.

Use Hardie® displays and collateral at home shows: Our displays and collateral make it easy to differentiate yourself and showcase your siding services with Hardie® products at home shows. Aligning yourself with James Hardie will help your business stand out.

Embed James Hardie website content in your professional website: If you don’t have the time or resources to develop website content to promote your services, you can utilize the James Hardie iFrame to embed content from the James Hardie website in your business website. Customers can learn what they need to know directly from your site.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

We've highlighted some of James Hardie's key selling tools, designed to help support your sales process and close more leads faster. Contractors can reach out to their local James Hardie representative to get access to tools, training and resources. Further, contractors who sign up for the Contractor Alliance® Program can get industry-leading support to help build their business.

The Contractor Alliance® Program comes with more marketing tools, lead generation opportunities, and training for all aspects of your business. With five levels of membership and opportunities to earn rewards in every tier, there’s always more to learn, more resources to explore, and more perks to enjoy.

Learn more about the Contractor Alliance® Program and check out the tools available with membership. We’re committed to supporting you as you take your business to the next level.

Lindsay Frankel

Lindsay Frankel is a writer specializing in real estate, personal finance, e-commerce, and performance marketing.