Preserving historical aesthetics with siding products from James Hardie

James Hardie siding products offer the perfect solution for preserving historical aesthetics without compromising on quality or durability.

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Michael Buck

Paul Mueller, Jr., President of Sykesville, Maryland-based Mueller Homes Inc., knows a thing or two about the importance of preserving history and legacy – whether it’s his family business or homes in the greater Baltimore region.

Choosing Building Products for Historic Preservation in Maryland | James Hardie

“I mean, I grew up in the industry – been on the jobsite since I was six months old,” Mueller said. “Some of our subcontractors to this day have known me since I was born. My dad, he’s put in the time over the last 30 years building this business. It’s definitely fun continuing on the legacy of what he’s worked so hard for.”

“We do build in some historic areas all around the Baltimore metro market,” Mueller said. “It was uniquely challenging presenting to the historical boards. But using James Hardie we’re able to make these buildings historically accurate, and also have a product that’s going to go the long haul versus using the wood or vinyl product.”

“We looked at Hardie siding and knew that this was the product that we needed. It offered the house this look that was something that blended the old with the new,” said homeowner Kelly Doetsch.

“James Hardie, to be able to use their product from historical districts to modern houses is a huge tool for us. We’ve used James Hardie for about 20 years now and to be able to continue that for many years to come that’s something to be proud of,” Mueller said.

In addition to preserving historical aesthetics, builders are also using James Hardie products for its exceptional design flexibility and to help differentiate their business.

Michael Buck