Make This

by Kara Wenman

Make This

8 Outdoor Fall Porch Decor Ideas to Welcome Autumn

by Kara Wenman

From the charmingly rustic to more sophisticated autumnal spreads, welcoming fall's arrival is easier than you might think. Your porch is a great place to create a custom design where you can showcase your outdoor fall decor for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.


Instead of sticking with the traditional fall hues of yellow, red and orange, make your design pop using unexpected colors. Dull brass paired with warm pink creates a stunning color palette. An all-white design can create a dramatic statement. Mixing blush with varying shades of brown or burnt orange is a color scheme you won't see elsewhere on your street. Or, accent your home’s siding with décor in jewel tones, copper, grays and navy blues in a variety of patterns. Consider updating the color of your front door and shutters, light fixtures or seat cushions to tie everything together.


Instead of limiting yourself to pieces that are only representative of fall, seek out versatile options. Look for items that deliver a big design impact and can be dressed for fall using warm colors, accessories and fabrics. For example, mason jars and hurricane vases look great filled with dried stems, twigs, leaves, pine cones, tiny pumpkins or other seasonal potpourri. You can easily transform these for other seasons and holidays, so they’re a smart investment.


Quickly change the ambiance of your porch by adding pillows and blankets to your design scape. Plaids and burlap are perfect for fall. Simply drape a cozy throw over the back of a rocking chair or hang a few blankets on a rustic ladder for an instant makeover. Arrange seasonal throw pillows on chairs, benches, porch swings or down a staircase. If the pillows will be exposed to the elements, seek out weather-friendly fabrics specially made for the outdoors.\


Add a seasonal touch to your front door with a wreath. Frame the door with a garland or use window clings on a glass storm door for a temporary look. Lift the look of your home by painting your front door. Seasonal reds are beautiful all year, but choose the hue that best suits the style and color of your home. As an alternative to a wreath, instead hang a basket filled with faux apples or a chalkboard where you can easily alter the greeting to fit the holiday.


If you're going to take the time to decorate for fall, make sure passersby can see the fruits of your labor. Use strands of lights around the front door or draped around the porch. Aim a temporary flood light to show off your front porch. Or incorporate interesting lighting ideas in the design scheme. Get creative by carving elegant votive candle holders from mini-sized pumpkins or use larger pumpkins to hold pillar candles. To dress up unassuming luminary bags, cut leaf shapes from the bags for autumnal whimsy! For safety, use battery-powered candles instead of real tealights.


Fill window boxes, planters or rustic wooden baskets with fall florals. Keep with the classics by using red, purple or yellow mums, sweet potato vine and cabbage roses or mix it up with cosmos, sedum and purple coneflowers. Miniature ornamental peppers or even artichokes will make your floral designs spectacularly unique. And nothing says "fall" like dried flowers, bales of straw or corn stalks.


Carved pumpkins may look festive, but they only last a few days before they start to rot. This is the perfect time to have fun and get creative. Instead of carving your pumpkins, dress them with patterned ribbons, burlap or jute. You can even paint your house numbers on pumpkins and then stack them vertically for an interesting visual element. 

Decorating your front porch for fall should be fun and stress free. These tips will help you combine out-of-the-box ideas with tried-and-true standards to create a look that's truly you.