Inspired Moments

by Michael Buck

Inspired Moments

5 Inspiring Exterior Color Palettes for Your Home

by Michael Buck

Perhaps the most fun part of a siding replacement project (or new home) is getting to choose your new exterior color palette. It’s an opportunity to create the look and feel you want for your home, and how bold or subtle you go is completely up to you.

Since your Hardie® siding is designed to stand the test of time, your house color palette is also a big decision that you want to make sure you get right.

With a little thoughtful consideration, you can create an exterior color palette that suits your personal tastes as well as your home’s architectural style. Use these five expertly curated color schemes to get your creativity flowing.

Urban Oasis

Aged Pewter forms the foundation of this city-inspired color theme. The weathered gray color is reminiscent of downtown buildings, while the Arctic White trim and Mountain Sage accent brings to mind freshly poured sidewalks and parks filled with trees. True to its name, this color palette looks great on contemporary homes in urban neighborhoods.

Favorite Jeans

Like a pair of jeans that you’ve worn for years, Boothbay Blue is a perfect shade of soft blue that goes with everything. The Cobble Stone trim bears a close resemblance to natural cotton and the slightly darker Evening Blue accent forms the perfect finishing contrast to the overall palette. Try this color combination for a creative spin on a Cape Cod or Bungalow.

Lace Veil

Think of Lace Veil as a softer take on Favorite Jeans. Light Mist is a classic gray with just a hint of blue, which immediately creates a calm a cozy atmosphere. Add in Arctic White trim and a soft Cobble Stone accent for a delicate palette that radiates elegance. Lace Veil is natural color combination for Colonial style homes.

Lunar Eclipse

The colors in the Lunar Eclipse palette perfectly reflect its name. The gray of Aged Pewter captures the moon’s natural color. If you’ve ever witnessed a Lunar Eclipse, the Cobble Stone trim suggests the sun’s halo, and the Countrylane Red accent is a flawless stand-in for the change in the moon’s surface color. Consider this palette for Mid-Century Modern homes, or even for a non-traditional Craftsman. 

Old Fashioned

This palette makes use of less saturated tones to create a vintage feel. The two main colors, Gray Slate as a body and Arctic White as a trim, allow you to opt for a slightly more bold accent color of Countrylane Red. Put it together and you have a palette evokes a sense of era while still being timeless in its own right. Try it on a Colonial style home or even on a farmhouse-inspired Ranch.

Discover More Color Inspiration

If you’re still searching for the perfect color combination for your home, try this comprehensive guide to design principles that includes tips for selecting siding and trim colors, matching your shutters to your siding, and even selecting the perfect front door color.

You can also craft your color palette to your home’s architecture with help from our architectural guide to popular home styles, which includes expert design tips from professionals.

When it comes to decision time and you’re still not sure, remember to lean on the classics. The most popular colors in North America are all classic white, gray or beige, which are sure to be beautiful on your home, no matter the style or environment.