Make This

by Michael Buck

Make This

Unique Ideas for 4th of July Outdoor Decorations

by Michael Buck

Main Street parades, hotdogs on the grill, a night sky full of fireworks — nothing says summer like our annual 4th of July traditions. If you decorate your home every year for Independence Day, you may be looking for ways to easily update the red, white, and blue routine.

Try these ideas for 4th of July outdoor decorations to put a new spin on your patriotic home décor.

Update an All-American Classic

When it comes to patriotic outdoor decorations, the American flag is a must-have. Raise Old Glory (you can brush up on your flag etiquette with this guide from the American Legion), then spread the spirit of patriotism with a flag-inspired accent for your porch eaves, entryway, or patio.

Bunting can be a festive choice that works well in lieu of an actual flag. The classic look is the half-circle red, white and blue bunting draped over porch railings. But there are also creative options, like strings of pennant banners or twisted red, white and blue streamers.

Your decorations can also be inspired by star and stripe patterns. Think about adding a festive doormat, or amp up your outdoor space with navy blue, star-pattered throw pillows.

Think Outside the Stars & Stripes

Want to get more mileage from your 4th of July outdoor decorations? Use red, white, and blue as your palette — and stars and stripes simply as a starting point — to create a patriotic decorating scheme that can be re-styled to last all summer long.

Show Your Primary Colors

There is more than one way to say U.S.A., so consider going for the classic Americana look. We're not talking about oversized red, white and blue tin stars. We're talking about vintage-inspired pieces that harken back to the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Think of it as retro-inspired American design. Look for place settings, cups, linens and other accent pieces in bold, primary colors to create a classically American setting for a 4th of July party on your front porch or patio. To get started, simply to an image search for 1960s color palette.

Set the Scene for Fireworks

While you’re planning patriotic décor for a 4th of July celebration, you can’t forget the grand finale: fireworks! Make a cozy place to sit outdoors, turn the lights down low, and enjoy the show. To supplement your backyard coziness, try adding an outdoor fire pit. Here's a good step-by-step guide on how to plan your backyard fire area.

If your outdoor area is a deck, there's still time to get it in shape for the holiday barbecue. Here's a great checklist to refresh the look of your tired deck. If your siding is in good shape and just needs a cleaning, here's a good place to start.

Here’s to a happy 4th of July!