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James Hardie Siding Reviews & Testimonials

Nothing makes us happier than making our customers happy. We invite you to hear what homeowners and industry leaders have to say about using exterior solutions by James Hardie on their homes.
  Building Better Homes

Building Better

James Hardie is recognized by homeowners and industry leaders alike for its role in creating better places to live.
Our goal is to inspire, educate and help people build homes that bring them joy and enhance their communities.

Chad Cooper is an architect.
“The James Hardie brand products installed on the Beachtown structures performed exceptionally well during Hurricane Ike. The Artisan product installed at the 2008 Coastal Living Magazine Idea House and our other beachfront residences weathered the storm on par with all the Hardie products. I am very pleased with the Hardie products...both aesthetically and structurally. Bravo!"
Peter Pfeiffer is a member of the FAIA and is the designer of the first Zero-Energy Home.
“Green products shouldn't be made from endangered materials. One of the reasons James Hardie brand products are 'green' is because they incorporate natural ingredients that are low in toxicity. And, they last longer than other products."

A Reside Transformation

Having something we knew would last and would still look good for a long time was a huge factor in our decision.
Chris and Minna Z replaced their fading and cracking cedar siding with Hardie® siding for transformative results.
Real Hardie Homeowners
The Hartleys used exterior solutions by James Hardie to re-side their home.
“As we started looking at the house when we were talking to a landscape architect, we thought well maybe we should re-side while we’re at it. Now I think it reflects more what’s on the inside of our house. It looks like a different house—It looks like a new house."
Susan Susanka is a cultural visionary leading a movement that is redefining the American home.

“This (Hardie® siding) is a sustainable and marvelous substitute for wood. It's precolored and the finish truly looks like high grade wood siding. I've used this product line for years, and have been delighted with the results. It's the only product I will consider substituting for wood, and in many climates it's significantly preferable because of its stability.”

Hurricane Sandy

We're so grateful we chose HardiePlank. Our community was devastated by Hurricane Sandy…our home was not.
Bill Justus , Vice-President of Supply Chain Services for David Weekley Homes.

Hurricane Irma

“A lot of the homes in this area did take vinyl siding damage, whereas the ones with Hardie® siding stood up. It held up and stood the test of the hurricane force winds.”

Deb and Dave Deb and Dave are grateful for how their Hardie® siding fared through Hurricane Irma, helping to leave their home still intact, appearing untouched by the storm
Fire Resistance
Ron Stocking is the fire chief of Selkirk Fire, Rescue & EMS
“Had it not been for the fiber cement siding on the Eickermans’ house, it would have also been lost to the fire. I was amazed at how much heat the house was able to take from the neighboring structure fire and still remain intact."
Mike Wollner is a Construction Manager for Standard Pacific.
“It's important we use James Hardie on our homes because it will hold up against our climate changes. With James Hardie we have minimal call backs—customers love it because it makes it easier to take care of their home and looks great. The usual problems aren't there."
Brian Doyle of William Lyon Homes.
“We have put a lot of effort in creating unique neighborhoods, using siding for traditional looks to give off a hometown feel. James Hardie has helped make our communities better than we envisioned."
Nicole L. is a homeowner.
“We are so thrilled with the outcome of our James Hardie project. Our house went from looking old and tired with a siding product that was improperly installed years ago, to being modern, bright, and beautiful. The house looks gorgeous and the workmanship is top notch. We couldn’t be happier.”

Fire Resistance

We thought the fire would destroy our home, but HardiePlank actually saved it.
Donna and Robert E. credit HardiePlank for substantially reducing damage from a fire that threatened their home.

Drew and Jessica

Everything outside the house was destroyed, but the house was standing. James Hardie siding really helped keep our house safe through the fire.
Drew and Jessica attribute the James Hardie siding to protecting their home from the wildfire.
Less Maintanance
Jim Cornett is a homeowner.
“We love James Hardie brand products. Words cannot describe how HardiePlank siding will change your home. Our house looks great and is warmer, tighter and a lot more maintenance free. No more painting and scraping.”
Robert Wizeman is a homeowner.
“Our siding was subjected to an unprecedented hailstorm (softball size) and the siding shows no signs of the hail event at all. No cracks, dings or paint chips. I wish I could say the same for our metal roof and vehicles.”

Cary & San Dee

“When you drive up to our house and see the Hardie™ Architectural Collection, you see the exquisiteness of the outside. And for me, the outside leads up to what you can expect on the inside.”


Love the beautiful texture and clean lines of Hardie™ Architectural Collection.

Giuseppe Risploi

Hardie™ Architectural Collection give us endless possibilities in what we can do.


GIUSEPPE RISPOLI is a designer and builder.


The Hardie™ Architectural Collection is unique. It’s something that people haven’t seen. All the time we have people that come by, and they touch it, and they feel it. And they want to know, ‘What is that product? What is on there?’


JENNIFER AND BRENT brought their dream home design to life.