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We believe every
incident is preventable

Safety is a non-negotiable value for business success, and we prioritize the protection of our people and those who use or interact with our products. James Hardie is fully committed to a Zero Harm safety culture that focuses on safe people, safe places, and safe systems. We aggressively promote a Zero Harm safety environment for our employees, contractors, visitors, and customers.
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Zero Harm


Safety is a non-negotiable value for our business success.

Managing our Zero Harm culture

Our systems and processes to manage Zero Harm

Safe People

SafeStart: a behavioral-based safety awareness and skills development system

Rate Your State: a peer-to-peer program to build & sustain safety-minded behaviors

Safety observations and accident reporting shared with all regions

Safe systems

Hardie Manufacturing Operating System (HMOS) to discuss concerns & solutions

Annual audits & reviews to inform improvement around critical safety risks

Safety Steering Committees & weekly safety meetings at global, regional and local levels

Safe places

Clearly defined responsibilities & authority to stop work for safety concerns

Visual management tools to clearly communicate & simplify processes

Standardized global signage & color coding to easily identify safety risks

FY23 Progress


Sustainability Stories


No shortcuts when it comes to Zero Harm

James Hardie Zero Harm Days are now an annual event across all our sites. On these safety reset days, we stop production, reaffirm why Zero Harm is our overriding priority and create opportunities for teams to engage in interactive learning via virtual reality and presentations from guest speakers. We first shut down operations for safety days in Australia and North America in 2021. By pausing operations regardless of product demand, we are showing that our business will never put profit before safety.
We reduced our DART rates in FY23
APAC achieved a DART rate of 0 against 2.5 million hours worked.
In North America, one of our Tacoma sites achieved a DART rate of 0 against more than 270,000 hours worked.
In Europe, our Orejo, Spain site achieved 1351 days of injury free work.
Our global DART rate was down 10% from FY22.