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We believe every
incident is preventable

Safety is a non-negotiable value for business success, and we prioritize the protection of our people and those who use or interact with our products. James Hardie is fully committed to a Zero Harm safety culture that focuses on safe people, safe places, and safe systems. We aggressively promote a Zero Harm safety environment for our employees, contractors, visitors, and customers.
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Zero Harm


Safety is a non-negotiable value for our business success.

Managing our Zero Harm culture

Our systems and processes to manage Zero Harm

Safe People

SafeStart: a behavioral-based safety awareness and skills development system

Rate Your State: a peer-to-peer program to build & sustain safety-minded behaviors

Safety observations and accident reporting shared with all regions

Safe systems

Hardie Manufacturing Operating System (HMOS) to discuss concerns & solutions

Annual audits & reviews to inform improvement around critical safety risks

Safety Steering Committees & weekly safety meetings at global, regional and local levels

Safe places

Clearly defined responsibilities & authority to stop work for safety concerns

Visual management tools to clearly communicate & simplify processes

Standardized global signage & color coding to easily identify safety risks

FY21 Progress

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Incident Rate Performance

improved 21% vs FY20

Value creation means nothing without a safe environment for ALL employees.”

- Dr. Jack Truong, CEO

Sustainability Stories


Zeroing in on keeping it cool

James Hardie is committed to doing everything we can to protect our people and the greater environment that we all share. We continuously look for ways to improve the health, safety and well-being of our employees and contractors. One of the challenges we face is optimizing workplace temperatures, humidity levels and ventilation, while balancing our energy efficiency levels.
Enhanced facility cooling project
During FY21, we continued to implement our enhanced facility cooling project. We installed state-of-the-art heat reduction equipment and improved manufacturing plant ventilation. Although the system increases our energy use, it also optimizes ventilation across the building, lowers temperatures and relative humidity, provides spot cooling, and improves circulation of air and temperature control, all of which helps to reduce heat stress and keeps our employees at a comfortable and safe temperature.
Engineered solutions
We engaged experts to evaluate our North American plants and to characterize heat and humidity gains and general ventilation system capabilities within our facilities. Recommendations, which are expected to be delivered and implemented next year, will include feasibility assessments for building ventilation, source controls, increased air movement and spot cooling. We also plan to trial climate-controlled operator control booths for fixed-position personnel. These booths lower ambient noise levels, reducing the risk of occupational hearing loss and facilitating communication.