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Adding value
to our communities

We recognize our ability to impact the communities in which we live and work. While maintaining a global mindset, we put great care into how our business affects local communities. We contribute by sourcing, employing, delivering and giving locally.
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We create value in and for our communities.

Employ Locally

Employee Locally
James Hardie creates jobs that help drive local economies and strives to attract and retain high-quality local talent. We encourage employee engagement, responsibility and accountability. We have invested significantly in training initiatives and building organizational capabilities.

Sourcing Locally

Sourcing Locally
We are committed to the sustainable and ethical procurement of products and services and to continuous improvement to minimize our environmental and social impacts. Our inbound supply chain consists of local or regional basic raw materials such as water, cement, and silica.

Distributing Locally

Distributing Locally
With our network of plants, James Hardie is uniquely situated to serve the communities in which we live and operate. To continue to drive efficiencies, we increased our rail deliveries as well, enabling us to support demand with minimal impact.

Inclusion and diversity

inclusion and diversity
We launched a Global Inclusion and Diversity Program, which focuses on culture, employee interaction, capability, hiring practices, and growing and developing talent. We purposefully chose to prioritize inclusion to promote a workplace in which our people feel they belong.

Creating An Impact

We invest in the local community and aim to locate the plants close to suppliers, customers and potential new employees, as well as sustainable transportation opportunities.
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FY22 Progress

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contributed in local economies
gender diversity in all management positions

Sustainability Stories


Inclusion and diversity

Building community at James Hardie means creating a workplace that does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Our culturally and gender-diverse Board of Directors exemplifies our commitment to James Hardie’s Global Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Program. In FY22 we achieved 19% gender diversity in management positions toward our target of 20% by FY24.
In the US business we made strong progress in increasing both gender diversity in senior leadership (from 16% in FY21 to 22% in FY22) and diversity characteristics in senior leadership (from 28% in FY21 to 36% in FY22). New hires as well as internal promotions in FY22 illustrate our progress toward gender and cultural diversity at the executive level. Our I&D program focuses on culture, employee engagement, employee capabilities, hiring practices, and growing and developing talent in the organization. We prioritize inclusion in the workplace so our employees feel they have a voice and are comfortable doing their best work.