Earth Day: Eco-friendly home & sustainable materials

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Michael Buck

Each year on April 22, people across the globe celebrate Earth Day

This is a perfect time to reflect on how our actions affect the world around us, from the materials we use, to where we shop, and what we buy.

Every day we can protect our planet by making smart, compassionate, and eco-friendly choices. One way is to support companies that make sustainability a priority, like James Hardie.

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Choosing Hardie® siding and trim means selecting an eco-friendly exterior option, made from sustainable raw materials. Our fiber cement building products are made of sand, cellulose fiber, Portland cement, and water (which is recycled up to four times during the manufacturing process).

Fiber cement siding is built to last, and durability is a hallmark of sustainable products. Our products not only require fewer resources for replacement, but also help reduce maintenance and repair costs, and better protect homes from severe weather and disasters.

“There are 80 million owner-occupied homes in the United States and 55% of them are 40 years old or more – which tallies up to 44 million 40-plus-year-old houses. We believe that many of those homes are built with wood, vinyl and other materials that are not durable enough, or are highly flammable, or are just not going to be fit to survive more adverse natural disaster conditions. We see James Hardie in that light as a solution homeowners can turn to.” - James Hardie Leadership Team

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James Hardie’s green building materials practices have also been recognized by the industry

Our company was named the “Greenest Siding Brand” in the Green Builder® Media annual Readers’ Choice survey for 2020. The Readers’ Choice survey polls green building professionals in the residential construction industry who test products for a living and provide informed, credible recommendations that other industry professionals can rely on.

We make decisions every day that affect our environment, and today is the perfect day to reevaluate our eco-friendly choices that can keep our air, land, and water clean.

Over time, big things can happen with small changes and James Hardie is proud to help the industry create better homes, with less.

Michael Buck