Make This

by Kara Wenman

Make This

Siding and Trim Color Combinations to Elevate Your Home's Appeal

by Kara Wenman

When you match the just-right color of trim with a great siding color, it can elevate your home’s aesthetic from ordinary to extraordinary. With so many colors of siding and trim on the market, the possibilities are endless. 

With our Home Color Visualizer, you can create a customized exterior color palette on a variety of different home styles to find the winning house siding and trim color combination. After selecting a siding color, you can use the tool to experiment with expertly curated exterior trim colors. You can get inspiration for your palette with these popular siding colors matched to six different home styles.

To help spark more home siding ideas for your exterior trim colors, you can also look to these tried-and-true siding and trim color combinations.

Trim Colors for White Houses

White House with White Trim

Any siding color gets a boost from the brightness of white trim—including white siding. White siding with white trim unifies a home’s various accents, giving even traditional and vintage homes a modern feel.

White House with Tan Trim

White is a neutral color — it’s neither warm nor cool. A white house paired with tan exterior trim, however, has an instant and cozy warmth.

Trim Colors for Blue Houses

Blue House with White Trim

A blue house with white trim is an American classic. Whether your blue siding is as dark as evening or light as mist, you cannot go wrong with white trim to match.

Blue House with Gray Trim

Blue house siding with gray trim gives familiar home styles (Colonials or Cape Cods, for example) an updated twist.

Trim Colors for Gray Houses

Gray House with White Trim

Gray siding has grown in popularity, in part because it makes a bold visual statement. Lighten up the look with a crisp white trim.

Trim Colors for Tan & Beige Houses

Tan House with Beige Trim

Beige and tan are both brown tones, which are made by mixing white into brown. As a pair, tan house siding and beige exterior trim give a home an earthy vibe.

Beige House with Tan Trim

Against beige siding, tan trim has the look of traditional wood beams.

Beige House with Beige Trim

On old-fashioned home styles like Craftsman or Bungalow, beige siding with beige trim has a surprisingly contemporary impact. The beige-on-beige exterior color palette softens accents so that they blend in, rather than stand out.

Trim Colors for Green Houses

Green House with White Trim

Green siding may be considered retro, but it is of-the-moment with a little black mixed in. Gray-green siding looks especially sharp when coupled with white trim.

Trim Colors for Red Houses

Red House with Beige Trim

A beige exterior trim color brightens and brings warmth to red siding, without leading to the barn aesthetic you might get with white trim. 

Discover more exterior house color combination ideas

The most important aspect to finding the right siding and trim color combination for your home is all about choosing colors that best represent your personality. The combinations are endless, but the end result is a home that will shine for years to come.