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by Kara Wenman

Make This

How to Choose the Best House and Roof Color Combination for Your Project

by Kara Wenman

A beautiful roof and siding color combination will enhance a home’s curb appeal for decades, which is why it’s important to find the right match that complements your home’s unique personality. 

Whether you’re completely transforming your home’s exterior with a new roof and siding, re-roofing, or re-siding your home, these ideas will help you find a house and roof color combination that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

How to Match New Siding and New Roof Colors for Your Home

Creating a new color palette for your home’s exterior is exciting, but can also feel overwhelming. With so many options for roof and siding color combinations, it helps to get advice from the experts. Our Exterior House Color Visualizer allows you to experiment with house and roof color combinations that have been curated by color experts. 

Using the Exterior House Color Visualizer is easy: choose from a variety of color options from James Hardie’s line of ColorPlus® Technology siding and trim and then use the visualizer tool to interactively pair the siding with the most popular roof colors. You can play around with different combinations on various home styles until you find the best fit for your home. 

How to Match a New Siding Color to Your Home’s Current Roof

If you are starting a re-side project and plan to keep your home’s existing roofing, there is a good rule of thumb for matching siding color to your home’s roof: pair a warm color with another warm color, or a cool color with another cool color.

For example, if your home has a warm-colored roof in a shade such as brick red or rusty tan, pick siding in a similarly warm shade such as tan, beige or brown. For a roof with shingles in a cool color like black or slate gray, select a cool color of siding such as blue, gray or green.

James Hardie’s ColorPlus® palette can help you find the right siding color to match a roof in both a warm or cool shade. Browse the “Warm” colors tab to find a selection of siding in vibrant, warm hues, or explore the “Cool” colors tab to see hues in soothing, cool shades.

How to Match a New Roof Color to Your Home’s Current Siding

If you are re-roofing your home and looking at how to match roof shingles to your house color, there is one rule to follow: stick with the basics. The most popular colors of roof shingles are shades of black, brown, gray, and red.

These popular shingle colors stem from the materials that builders have been using for centuries: slate, wood, metal, and clay. Today, variations of black, brown, gray, and red roof colors are available in a variety of different roofing materials. Bring samples of roofing home with you and hold them next to your siding to see which classic color complements your home best. 

Try experimenting with lighter shades for a brighter look, or darker shades for a more dramatic effect. Keep in mind that darker roof colors can also draw more heat into the home—a bonus or a drawback, depending on your local climate.

Looking for some real-world inspiration? Browse our House Siding Ideas Gallery to see roof and siding color combinations on a variety of different James Hardie home styles.