Working the neighborhood: radius marketing nets results

Learn how James Hardie can support and help contractors like you increase jobs and revenue in your area.

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Michael Buck

Having a great product isn’t always enough. Contractors need to promote themselves and their work, too. What better place to promote than in the neighborhood surrounding a current job? That’s why James Hardie provides contractors with targeted plans and ready-to-use resources to amplify their presence in specific, high-opportunity areas.

Radius Marketing and the Next Job

Contractors find that our neighborhood marketing, or radius marketing, is especially effective. With a minimal amount of effort, members of the James Hardie® Contractor Alliance® Program can have co-branded marketing materials deployed into a neighborhood to generate awareness and preference for their company’s services. Since nearby homes (and siding) are often about the same age, with comparable home value and household income, this tactic can consistently produce new jobs.

Metro Detroit-based Grennan Construction, which specializes in exterior remodeling as well as exterior and interior painting, has found success with the marketing support that James Hardie offers. By transforming neighborhoods from vinyl to James Hardie siding, contractors like Grennan can elevate their own businesses and the curb appeal of the area.

Radius Marketing in Practice

Fred Grennan, owner of Grennan Construction, first partnered with James Hardie about five years ago by working with his local James Hardie representative to implement neighborhood marketing resources.

“We didn't do a lot of James Hardie business before that,” Grennan said. “That all changed when they assisted with the targeted radius marketing we were doing, such as mailers, homeowner referral coupons that our active customers could hand out to their neighbors, and ‘pardon our noise’ postcards with accompanying gift cards.”

The tactical marketing pieces that Grennan used are just a few that we offer.

Profitable Results

Grennan’s success with radius marketing speaks for itself. In his second year working with James Hardie, his goal was to sell at least six jobs — and he actually sold 12. This past year, Grennan sold approximately 20 jobs featuring James Hardie.

“It continues to escalate and more jobs are coming in. The more we do James Hardie, the more radius marketing we do, which earn us more jobs,” Grennan said. “It’s like a snowball effect because as homeowners see James Hardie products in their neighborhood, they want it, too.”

In addition to more jobs, Grennan Construction’s success working with James Hardie can be measured by:

  • Revenue increase
  • Greater profitability
  • A surge in name recognition

“I’ve never received support from a manufacturer like I have from James Hardie. They're helping us grow and to change our business toward doing more siding,” Grennan said. “As we transition from vinyl siding to James Hardie siding we actually work less and make more. We do fewer jobs overall, but there’s more revenue for each one. That’s a nice model to have for a business.”

Put James Hardie’s radius marketing to work for your business by joining the Contractor Alliance® Program by visiting, or if you just want to learn more about the program, contact your local James Hardie Sales Representative by calling 877-336-2339 Ext. 2 or e-mail [email protected].

Michael Buck