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Discover Mountain Sage, James Hardie's Color of the Year

Elevate your home's design with Hardie's 2024 Color of the Year, Mountain Sage, a versatile green that brings peace and harmony into any space.

Lindsay Frankel

There’s no better feeling than coming home. Walking in your door sparks a moment of peace, helping you unwind from the stressors of the day. According to the Cleveland Clinic, nearly half of Americans prioritize mindful moments like these to boost their mental health. Research also shows that globally, 78% of people view their mental health to be just as important as their physical health*.

The colors we choose for our living spaces play an important role in supporting our mental well-being. Green shades, which are reminiscent of lush natural landscapes, promote serenity and reduce anxiety. Shades of green can even lower your heart rate. As people increasingly prioritize their mental health, they’re opting for design choices that reflect how they want to feel. Green hues are therefore gaining traction as interior and exterior paint colors, thanks to their mood-boosting properties.

In line with this shift in perspective and evolution of design trends, James Hardie is excited to announce its first ever Color of the Year, Mountain Sage.


After extensive research, the results are in: James Hardie’s first ever Color of the Year is Mountain Sage, which is one of their pre-finished products available in their proprietary ColorPlus® Technology finishes. The dark green hue promotes the tranquility homeowners want to feel when they pull into the driveway. “It’s very calming and relaxing… it kind of brings you back to home base,” says artist and Colorado homeowner Alex Brigham in reaction to the house color.

As biophilic design choices gain traction, people are gaining more interest in siding colors that are unique yet restrained, according to design expert Beth R. Martin. “Mountain Sage is a beautiful, muted neutral that stands out amongst a sea of standard beige, white, and grays.” She says. “This shade of green is a great way to add some color to your home while still complementing the environment, and it pairs incredibly well with so many natural textures.”

Choosing Hardie® fiber cement siding in ColorPlus® Technology finish Mountain Sage on an architectural façade breathes life into the structure, fostering the same feelings of inner peace that come from walking through a forest or looking out over mountain peaks. “It has a softness that’s very natural and warming,” says Brigham.

Brown dog seated next to a doghouse featuring Mountain Sage green lap siding.


Another reason dark green shades are becoming more popular is that they’re incredibly flexible and facilitate a multitude of design styles. You can use the visualization tool, Hover® Design Studio, brought to you by James Hardie, to play with the possibilities, and Martin has some tips for incorporating Mountain Sage into your home design as well.

“Vertical siding works incredibly well with green shades because it enhances the contemporary vibes of this design choice,” she says. “This selection is an excellent option for a modern farmhouse, an ultra-contemporary home, or even an addition to a mid-century ranch-style home.” Horizontal and shingle siding may work better with craftsman-style homes, notes Martin.

There’s also an opportunity to play with texture and mix different cladding styles for a mixed materials look. “Green hues look especially great with natural textures like stone,” says Martin.

And while you could opt for a completely monochrome façade that’s ultra-contemporary, Mountain Sage can also be paired with a variety of other house colors for a unique style that reflects your personality. “It still allows you to have fun with the color palette while staying true to yourself and true to the neighborhood,” says Brigham.

Martin has a few suggestions for accent colors. “Mountain Sage is stunning paired with white trim and wood accent detailing,” she says. “The bright white trim will frame your home nicely, while the wood accents will make this hue feel cheerful and earthy. Consider using a stained wood door, columns, or shutters with this color scheme.”

And for a modern yet inviting look, Martin says you can pair Mountain Sage with “black or dark bronze windows, a dark metal roof, and subtle copper accents.” If you need more inspiration, check out these house siding ideas and other popular house colors, and download our re-side guide for detailed assistance planning your siding project.


James Hardie is passionate about color, and if Mountain Sage is the color for you, we know you’ll want it to last. That’s why Hardie® siding is designed for durability, and with ColorPlus® Technology finishes, it resists fading and other effects of UV light. In fact, James Hardie provides a limited warranty for ColorPlus® Technology finishes that covers paint and labor and protects against peeling, cracking and chipping for up to 15 years. All Hardie® fiber cement siding products also come with a 30-year non-prorated limited substrate warranty for added peace of mind.

Hardie® siding goes through a unique process before it’s installed on your home. The finish is cured in between coats in a controlled environment for an even stronger bond. The baked-on finish lasts longer than a typical paint job and requires less maintenance. And as you absorb your home’s calming, Mountain Sage exterior, you can relax knowing that Hardie® fiber cement holds no appeal for woodpeckers, termites and other pests and most importantly is non-combustible so it will not burn in a fire. Only Hardie® siding is Engineered for Climate® to withstand wet or freezing conditions in the North and hot, humid conditions and blistering sun in the South.


Don’t be surprised if you see shades of green popping up on structures and interiors in your everyday life. Color can be a tool to improve well-being, and the calming, nourishing effect of a neutral green like Mountain Sage is something we all seek. If you need a little Mountain Sage in your life, request a sample you can see and feel from the comfort of home, or try it out on your own home, using the HOVER design visualizer app. When you’re ready to find a contractor, request a quote.

Mountain Sage Green siding sample on a table

*As detailed in research conducted by Stylus Advisory Firm in August of 2023.
Hardie® siding complies with ASTM E136 as a noncombustible cladding.

Lindsay Frankel

Lindsay Frankel is a writer specializing in real estate, personal finance, e-commerce, and performance marketing.