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Over 2 million cubic feet of water was saved in calendar year 2021 when we implemented new technologies at our Pulaski, Virginia plant. A successful trial at the plant produced benefits for the environment, employees, our local community and business value for the company.

This new initiative achieved additional water savings by rerouting discharge water back into the manufacturing process. Along with increased water conservation, the new process created a safer and cleaner work environment for employees. Reduced water consumption at the plant also benefited the local community by lowering demand on the town’s water supplies. The project proved to have a strong business case, with a return on investment of less than a year. The water-saving technology will be rolled out across other James Hardie plants and is currently underway at our Summerville facility in South Carolina.

In APAC, water savings were achieved when we implemented new seal technologies on a variety of pumps at our facilities. This project resulted in additional water savings of 1.6 million cubic feet of water in calendar year 2021. The new technologies are being trialed and implemented across other facilities globally as appropriate. Water savings projects in APAC have delivered over 10 million cubic feet of water savings over the past four years.

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