Replace Cracked or Cracking Fiber Cement Siding with Hardie® Siding and Save

At James Hardie, we stand by our values. So when we heard about a group of homeowners who were having major problems with a different brand’s fiber cement siding, we stepped in to help.

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We want to offer a valuable rebate to any homeowner who wants to replace a competitor's cracked or cracking fiber cement siding with Hardie® fiber cement siding.

You’ll also get peace of mind knowing that James Hardie is a recognized industry leader. We are America’s #1 siding brand, and our fiber cement products grace the sides of more than 10 million homes from coast to coast. The beauty and durability of our products have won over the press, the remodeling industry and, most important, our customers.

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Replace Cracked or Cracking Fiber Cement Siding - Video

The Hardie® Difference

Not all fiber cement siding is the same. Only Hardie® siding is Engineered for Climate® and designed specifically with your climate zone in mind to help ensure optimal performance. All Hardie® fiber cement products resist shrinking, swelling and cracking, making your home’s exterior as tough as it is beautiful. We also stand by our products – siding products are backed by a 30-year, non-prorated warranty, and trim products are backed by a 15-year, non-prorated warranty.


If you have another company's fiber cement siding on your home that is cracked or cracking, you may be eligible for a rebate of up to $750. Click here to claim rebate.


What is the value of the rebate?
The rebate value is $500 per home for full-wrap Hardie® primed siding and trim or $750 per home for full wrap Hardie® siding and trim with ColorPlus® Technology (both rebates require purchasing a minimum of 2,000 square feet all products combined).

Do I get the rebate applied right away at purchase?
While you don’t get the rebate immediately at purchase, you can follow this two-step process at to get the rebate:

  1. Submit photos to get your non-Hardie® siding validated
  2. Submit your itemized proof of purchase to validate minimum purchase requirements are met

After both steps are validated and approved, a qualified homeowner can obtain their rebate via a digital Visa Gift Card.

Do I need to submit a receipt of my (non-Hardie® siding) to be eligible for the rebate?
A receipt will help the validation process but is not required. You will need to send in photos of your non-Hardie® fiber cement siding to our rebates team for validation. Follow the steps in the form on

How do I get the rebate?
Simply go to and apply for the non-Hardie® fiber cement siding rebate.

Where is the rebate applicable?
Currently the rebate is applicable for homeowners within the following Illinois Counties: McHenry, Will, Lake, DuPage, Cook, and Kane.

Is this rebate for wood siding as well?
No. Currently this rebate is only for fiber cement siding made by companies other than James Hardie.

What fiber cement siding problems qualify for this rebate?
Homeowners with fiber cement siding from other manufacturers that has cracked or is cracking are eligible for this rebate.


If you have any questions that not answered above, call 1-888-J-HARDIE (1-888-542-7343).