Inspired Moments

by Lindsay Frankel

Inspired Moments

Your Guide To Popular Home Architecture Styles

by Lindsay Frankel

Architecture Home Style Examples
Whether your tastes skew traditional or ultra-modern, everyone has a favorite design style that just feels like home. Sometimes, your favorite home may be a fusion of two or more styles that have melted together over the years thanks to renovations or additions.

Not every home fits neatly into a defined category, but this guide will help you learn about many different types of residential home architecture, their defining features, and provide expert style tips.

The Colonial Style House

Colonial Style Home Blue James Hardie Siding

Colonial style homes are symmetrical inside and out, with a central entrance and staircase. It’s common to see decorative elements like crown moulding, dentil moulding, and decorative bottom window sills, along with pedimented or gable dormers. This 19th century style saw a resurgence in the 1990s, and Americans have found comfort and functionality in the style ever since. Find out how you can add creative touches to a Colonial style home.

The Ranch Style House

Ranch Style Home Black James Hardie Siding

The simplicity and affordability of the Ranch style home made it the most popular style in North America for decades. There are many variations on the Ranch style home, but it typically features a one-story design with a gabled or hip roof and an open-concept floor plan. Ranch style houses are usually built on a wide lot with an attached garage. Here’s everything you need to know about Ranch style homes

The Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Arctic White James Hardie Siding

The centerpiece of the Modern Farmhouse is a sprawling, covered front porch. Wide windows bring the outdoors in, while rustic-looking materials provide a timeless feel. Many Modern Farmhouses also have gabled roofs and carriage-style garage doors. Homeowners are even adding contemporary details that elevate this style beyond its historical simplicity. Here's everything you need to know about the evolution of the Modern Farmhouse

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman Style Home James Hardie Siding

Craftsman is an umbrella term that has evolved to include many different substyles, from the Craftsman Bungalow to the Prairie style house. However, there are common elements, including trim details like big corbels, tapered columns, and decorative gables. Most Craftsman homes also have large front porches with overhanging roofs. Learn more from our complete guide to Craftsman architecture.

Modern and Contemporary Houses

Modern Contemporary home James Hardie Siding

Contemporary and modern house architecture have rich histories and both styles can be used to produce incredible homes. Modern design is hallmarked by flat and expansive roofs, clean lines, and utilitarian materials. Contemporary design, on the other hand, is all about what’s happening now and is the embodiment of pure creation and expression. Learn more about these styles and see beautiful contemporary and modern house examples.

Adding Personal Flair to Different Styles of Homes

Green House Mountain Sage Color James Hardie Siding

Now that you’ve zeroed in on your favorite style of home, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to play with different textures and colors. In fact, the best way to boost your home’s curb appeal and set it apart from others on the block is to use a combination of siding profiles in different colors.

No matter your favorite type of architecture, you’ll find that James Hardie® siding and trim products look natural on these styles and offer seemingly limitless design possibilities to make your home unique.