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Painting Home Siding vs. Replacing - Pros & Cons

Painting Home Siding vs. Replacing - Pros & Cons

When it comes to painting siding, there’s a saying in the field, “the most expensive paint is the cheapest in the long run.” Meaning that even though the upfront investment for quality paint and painters can seem costly, you’re going to save money over time. Although surprisingly, sometimes repainting home siding the right way can cost more than investing in entirely new siding. 

There are a lot of home siding snafus that can come into play when undergoing a repainting project. Paint problems commonly occur when an old house with multiple layers of oil-based paint is coated with a modern water-based paint. If your home is clad in wood or engineered wood siding, its paint can peel, chip and even flake off in sheets.

How to fix peeling paint?

Sometimes the best solution is stripping and starting over which can be so costly that the better option is to invest in entirely new siding. The solution – Hardie® siding and trim products with ColorPlus® Technology

ColorPlus Technology by James Hardie provides a multi-coat, baked-on finish that resists damaging UV rays, chipping, peeling and cracking. It reduces ongoing maintenance, which frees up your valuable time and helps save you money.

With James Hardie’s range of styles, textures and colors, your selected siding and trim can look as authentic but with all the benefits of fiber cement and James Hardie’s proprietary finish.

Vinyl siding and wood-based products with paint applied on the job site fade and dull over time. When you invest in Hardie® siding and trim products with ColorPlus Technology, you won’t only get gorgeous color—you’ll get color that lasts a lot longer than a typical paint job.

Furthermore, the ColorPlus Technology factory-controlled application involves coating the boards and edges for complete coverage, eliminating inconsistency inherent with paint applied on the job site. For an even stronger bond, the boards are cured between each and every coat.

James Hardie's ColorPlus process leaves you with a vibrant and consistent siding color and the peace of mind that comes from choosing the best. The ColorPlus Technology finish comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers paint and labor, protecting against peeling, cracking, and chipping.

Let your siding woes fade away - keep the look you love longer when you re-side with James Hardie siding and trim enhanced with ColorPlus Technology.