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by Michael Buck

Inspired Moments

See The Most Popular Colors for Houses in North America

by Michael Buck

The most popular colors for houses in North America are overwhelmingly timeless and elegant neutrals such as white, warm and dark grays, and versatile browns and beiges.

These shades look fantastic on nearly any type of home and have style that stands the test of time, which may explain their popularity. Arctic White is a fantastic example of a timeless color, which is shown on the home above.

One siding color that’s a particular favorite across the United States and Canada: Arctic White. According to James Hardie sales data from 2019, this color outsold all others in every region of the continent. It’s not difficult to understand why – white works exceptionally well across a range of home styles, including Colonials, Ranches, and the wildly popular Modern Farmhouse

White homes are also a 2020 exterior house color trend, especially when paired with colorful accents, or black windows.

Beyond Arctic White, homeowners in the northern portion of the continent generally have a stronger preference for darker siding colors, while homeowners in the southern portion favor lighter shades. For example, Iron Gray is a hit in Western Canada, while Cobble Stone is used more along the Gulf Coast.

The East and West Coasts also stood out for their color selections. New England favors Pearl Gray more than any other part of the continent, while homeowners in the Pacific Northwest are very attracted to Evening Blue.

Here’s the full breakdown of the most popular colors for houses in North America (colors are pictured below in order):

- All regions: Arctic White – a pure and clean color that’s always in style.

- New England: Pearl Gray – a classic light gray.

- Mid-Atlantic & Gulf Coast: Cobble Stone – a rich, taupe-based neutral

- Midwest & Eastern Canada: Aged Pewter – a weathered gray with lots of character.

- Rocky Mountains: Timber Bark – a deep gray-brown that’s at home with nature.

- Pacific Northwest: Evening Blue – a striking shade that looks great in the city or country.

- Southwest: Khaki Brown – a mid-tone brown that blends with desert and other natural landscapes.

- Western Canada: Iron Gray – a dark and bold gray.

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Main photo from @ourpennsylvaniafarmhouse via Instagram.