Make This

by Kara Wenman

Make This

How to Pick a Front Door Color That Makes a Statement

by Kara Wenman

Blue and tan house with a light red door
Updating your home’s front door color is an easy way to give the exterior an inexpensive upgrade, whether that means installing a new door or giving an old door a fresh coat of paint.

With endless choices, how do you pick a front door color that’s going to make an impact but also complements your home’s siding at the same time? Here are some front door color ideas to help you make the best decision for your home’s exterior and express your style as a homeowner.

Go Bold

Gray House with white trim and blue door

Eye-catching hues like red or yellow are bold color ideas for front doors, but they don’t work with every color of siding. Use this simple trick to avoid a potential mismatch: select a front door color that incorporates your existing siding color, but in a more intense shade. For example, a bold front door color for a gray or blue house would be electric blue, as shown in the image above.  It provides a pop of color for your entrance, while complementing the existing color of your home’s exterior. With a striking front door color in the same color family as your siding, it’s hard to go wrong.   

Be Complementary

Blue House with red door

Looking for a foolproof way to pick a front door color that is interesting and inviting? A color wheel is a simple yet effective tool to help you find the perfect color combination. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and provide the perfect contrast without clashing. Blue’s complement is orange, which is why the amber-colored door, above, is a surprisingly perfect fit for this home’s siding

Stay Natural

Beige house with wood door, small wood fence, and pink flowers

A front door in a natural wood stain or dark brown color will enhance the warmth of any front porch or entryway. A neutral wooden front door color is a sure-fire match for homes with beige or brown siding. Natural wood doors also pair beautifully with the down-to-earth, handcrafted look of traditional or craftsman-style homes of any color. 

Keep It Crisp and Clean

Front view of a modern gray house with a clean and sleek white front door

A white front door looks crisp and modern—and gives a home a bright and welcoming appearance from the curb. White is a popular front door color for gray or blue homes. The sharp contrast between light and dark highlights the clean design perfectly and will get visitors’ attention. 

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