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Products / ColorPlus® Technology

Siding Color

For the ultimate in performance with James Hardie products, add ColorPlus Technology. This proprietary process involves applying consistent, multiple coats of paint that was created especially for the demands climate places on a home's exterior siding. The end result is a beautiful consistent color finish that lasts up to 2x's longer than field-applied paint1. A baked-on coating offers maximum durability and resistance to prolonged exposure to freezing climate and moisture contact.

  • Specially formulated paint stands up to UV levels in a way few field-applied paints can, offering up to 30% more fade resistance.2
  • ColorPlus Technology finish comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers both paint and labor and protects against peeling, cracking, and chipping.3
  • Over 41 quality checks are made throughout our proprietary manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the substrate, the texture and the finish. No other manufacturer can match our demanding quality standards.
  • Considering the alternatives? Compare the benefits of James Hardie Siding Products with ColorPlus Technology to field applied paint options, especially on larger buildings.
  • Most of the raw materials used to make James Hardie Siding are extracted and processed near each manufacturing facility.

ColorPlus Process

The ColorPlus Technology Process

James Hardie siding with ColorPlus Technology combines our advanced fiber cement formulation with a factory-applied, baked-on finish. Our products are made using the highest quality raw materials and with our proprietary manufacturing process and equipment, revolutionary finish technology and innovative siding color process, we're able to provide homeowners a superior siding solution for their homes.

Color Integrity

Siding Color integrity

A critical part of James Hardie ColorPlus technology - includes color accuracy, color-matching James Hardie siding products, consistency of the paint color application, fade resistance and finish longevity.

ColorPlus Palette

ColorPlus Technology Palette

The James Hardie ColorPlus Technology siding color palette was created by our color pro who handpicked the custom siding colors and siding color combinations for each area of the country. Selections were based on regional housing styles, environmental surroundings and extensive research and development.

1 James Hardie accelerated weathering tests compared with brush applied national paint in lab environment.
2 James Hardie accelerated QUV test results compared to nationally available premium paint in lab environment.
3 Please see warranty.

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