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DIY: design it yourself

You don't have to be an architect to know when a home's design feels right. It's an innate sense that we all have. And while trends come and go, there's a current that runs through all timeless designs. Here’s a roundup of articles to consult as you embark on the re-side or home building process and ultimately decide your home’s design personality. 

The Complete Exterior

Craft every detail using our curated collection of textures, profiles, widths and colors. Peace of mind comes with exceptional warranties through a single, trusted manufacturer.
James Hardie® invented fiber cement and we continue to set the standard in premium, high-performance siding and trim. It’s easy to see what makes James Hardie the market leader.

Superior Primer and Finish
Our gold, climate-tested primer ensures more consistent, long-lasting paint adhesion. Our ColorPlus® Technology finishes resist fading and leave a lasting impression.

Our proven track record and continuous product innovation have earned James Hardie the loyalty of over 5.5 million homeowners and the endorsements of trusted authorities in the building industry.